Our in house team of skilled storytellers, beautiful photographers, innovative editors and slick animators are ready to throw our expertise at your next project.
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Obviously based in Beirut, Outfilming Beirut is a
with young and fresh minds that strives to create high-end video services specialised, but not limited to documentary films, commercials, music videos, web videos, corporate videos, event filming, and fiction films with NO FEAR ATTITUDE .
We have a focus on a fun, friendly, collaborative and casual relationship with our clients. We produce, film, edit and deliver high end quality videos tailored to meet your needs and vision.
Being young is to our benefit! We are constantly pushing ourselves, our equipment and our approach to the edge.
We are interested in the interesting and strive to discover and grow.
We are Outfilming Beirut.
A creative Video Production Company who is simply born to tell a great story in the most beautiful and engaging way possible.
Enlightening the world with our presence since day one of 2016, our team helps ambitious businesses grow through high quality video production. We specialize in creating engaging videos that deliver your marketing message in a compelling way that resonates with both internal and external audiences.
Whether it’s a short video for online use or a full-length documentary, we take pride in having the knowhow to take it to the next level, tailored to meet the client’s needs and vision by handling the project's full journey from A to Z.
Pre-Production and Production:
Our team of dedicated writers, directors, producers and cinematographers know how to approach each project of every scale and genre, from single-camera studio interviews to multicamera commercial shoots. We pride ourselves in understanding and exceeding our client's expectations, no matter the time or budget. We provide concept development, storyboards, casting, locations, camera and lighting crews, equipment and comprehensive production management. Whether you need to launch a new product or your first music video, promote your image, communicate your vision, or share your story, we are here to help you succeed.
We are proud to work with some of the best post-production professionals in the Lebanese industry. Our creative directors, editors, artists and animators all eat, sleep, breathe post-production. We are passionate about every project. We offer a full complement of post-productionservices including editing, visual effects, sound design, color correction and grading. We are committed to providing the highest-possible quality with a fresh approach and unique vision.
  • Magnify the impact of your next event with a video. An event video is the perfect way to reach an audience beyond those that can attend, while creating promotional material for your future marketing needs. Outfilming Beirut captures the right moments and conversations at the right time to make sure the rest of the world shares with.

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Ayman El Ghali - Founder & Director
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Dania Zentani - Production Manager
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  • Rana Jalkh
    Chief Editor
    I have always had a keen interest in puzzles. The way a single piece can fit with this or that to ultimately form a whole has always fascinated me. I find this technique applies in cinema more than any other art form. Particularly, the way a frame or shot fits with another, and the way you can tell an entirely different story by simply changing the order of said shots. I have a passion for creating meaning, whether intellectual or artistic, through the connections and associations of different shots. As an editor with a passion for her craft, I strive to understand the director's vision first and foremost, and then proceed to translate that by fitting all the different puzzle pieces together in a way that is most ideal and truthful to the director's meaning.
  • Marina Tebechrani
    Marina. A Lebanese, currently living in Beirut, Lebanon. 'When I was 10 years old, I received a gift. A small camera. It was then when I discovered my passion and love for cinema". From a young age, discovering the little things around her, Marina grew her love for cinematic frames and started painting films, frame by frame.

    "As I grew up, I wanted nothing but to enter in the world of film. I found my place behind the scenes, searching for the frame and painting with the light."
  • Salwa Eid
    "Hi, I'm Salwa, but you can call me Charlie. Software engineer by day, and a photographer full time. I cater to all of your photographic needs, you name it. If you must know, I do specialize in portraiture and product, but what truly inspires me is fine art photography and those long term conceptual projects. And when I’m not on the job, you can find me spinning on my bicycle in the streets of Beirut, or having a big juicy burger somewhere around."
  • Ayman El Ghali
    Funder | Film Producer & Director
    Born and raised in Beirut, Ayman Ghali started his life story by collecting the little things around him, which led to his love for cinema, technology and music today. “I remember falling asleep on the couch next to dad while watching the greatest movies of history, and it was then that I formed some sort of attachment to film. I knew that film was something that made me true to myself, let out who I am and most importantly, connected me to characters, stories and led to my desire of storytelling through film. Whatever type of technology at hand, I believe everyone has stories to tell through them. My way of communication is the camera, and it has been developing ever since the 90s.

    My inspiration comes from real stories, music and most importantly, interesting souls that leave a mark behind. With a BA in Communication Arts, Radio/TV/Film, I was able to further explore the different areas of communication and managed to connect many together, resulting in my first achievement, Outfilming Beirut, a platform which I formed to tell stories through producing and directing in many different forms.

    I have an obsessive personality where I need to explore and get to know things from A-Z, and learning for me is something I am eager to do, all day, everyday. I believe one cannot learn enough and that there is always something new. The more you learn the more you want more, and more is always good. My story started by choosing what I want to do, and I did it, regardless of the cost it comes with. Putting in the right time and effort, there will always be a way to your dreams from another door, money should never be an obstacle.”
  • Haitham Atme
    Production Sound Mixer & Designer
    Born in Ain Ebel, south of Lebanon, Haitham Atme studied audiovisual art at the Academie Libanais de Beaux Arts with an undergraduate degree and masters in Audio Visual arts. Sitting behind a one meter thick isolated wall rests our sound designer. A man that expresses his emotions through sound. While most of is walk arounf town looking at what interests us, Haitham secretly carries his microphone and samples sounds of life. Is it only with such dedication that he has achieved such detailing and techniques in sound engineering and design.

    Haitham has worked on over 100 TV commercials, more that 20 documentaries and motion video projects. “It is not just about whooshes and bangs, it’s a whole new level of detail and design, one that one must HEAR to believe and appreciate”.
  • Dania Zentani
    Production Manager
    A Libyan living in Beirut, Dania Zentani constantly seeks to bridge her world with the rest of the world. She graduated with a double major in Communication Arts and Marketing from the Lebanese American University in Beirut and worked in the advertising world where she combined her skills in production and marketing. “Organizing, managing, and getting people together is something I do in my free time.

    I have discovered my passion for it as work in the recent past years, that has led me to where I am now”. As a production manager, Dania has worked on TVCs, web ads, and short films and continues to grow in the domain to reach new horizons. “We are a very small part of the world, and our duty as people is to explore it in connecting matter, stories, people together and bring it back home through our eyes and field of expertise, no matter what it is.”
  • Elsy Hajjar
    Chief Cinematographer
    At an early age, Elsy Hajjar got a camera and ever since she’s had an urge and way of telling stories through the flow of moving images- transmitting emotions to an audience in a most sensitive and subliminal way. Cinema is the driving force of Hajjar’s life. As a cinematographer, Hajjar captures with a great sense of tactility how every single frame, color, shadow and light gives a different feeling and affects the viewer differently. She creates images that perfectly correlate as well as extend the director's imagination, vision and feelings, which are finally to be projected to and felt by the audience.

    Hajjar started studying cinema in 2009 and attended several workshops in Beirut, Cairo, Barcelona and Berlin. Her first short film “I Call it Love" (2013) that earned her a Bachelor degree in audio-visual studies at USEK University, Lebanon was screened in more than 30 film festivals, locally and worldwide, and won her several cinematography awards and prizes.

    Hajjar is currently working as a Beirut-based freelance cinematographer, and often travels to various destinations shooting documentary, fiction, web series, music videos, TVCs, and corporate videos. Her Graduation project won her the “Dorothy’s Slipper Award 2014” at Merlinka International Film Festival in Belgrade, Serbia, “Best International Student Film Award 2014” at East Anglian Student Film Festival in East Anglia, UK, the “People’s Choice Award 2014” at the Vagrant Film Festival and “Best Cinematography 2014” Award at “NDU Film Festival” in Beirut, Lebanon. In 2016, “The Rifle, The jackal, The Wolf and The Boy” a short film by Oualid Mouannes, shot by Elsy Hajjar was shortlisted for the Live-action shorts section at the Oscars.

    Hajjar strongly believes that her curiosity to always be in learning process enables her for constant creative, technical and emotional growth.
  • Anthony Geara
    Character Animator
    Born and raised in the states, now based in Lebanon, Anthony Geara has completed his BA studies in 3D arts (London), with a specialization in advanced Character animation at Animation Mentor. Anthony is currently working in the digital media field as well as the gaming industry.

      Collaborating with many renowned clients in the region, Anthony's work always caters to quality and detail. His skill set and keen eye for the "illusion of life" covers a wide array of expertise, from 3D and 2D motion graphics, digital compositing, to animation in all its forms.

    With a very diverse portfolio, Anthony always seeks new challenges and means to further polish his craft into a self aware medium.